Powerful, Experienced and Innovative Advocacy for Professionals,
Businesses, Corporate Executives and their Families.

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Costello Law Firm is a boutique litigation firm with a focus on defense and courtroom advocacy. Our attorneys provide powerful, experienced and innovative advocacy for professionals, businesses, corporate executives and their families. They defend individuals and business facing the crisis of accusations of wrongdoing in criminal and civil litigation and during investigations.

Costello Law Firm has a highly developed trial practice. The firm’s was founded with a commitment to investing in the case management and trial apparatus to support a complex litigation practice. The firm’s attorneys have tried hundreds of cases to the bench and to jury in criminal and civil court, including complex white collar and commercial litigation.

Because our skills were honed in the courtroom, we have quick and effective analytical skills and work well under the pressure caused by an accusation. The firm’s reputation as trial attorneys allows all its clients to benefit from the firm’s reputation as effective courtroom advocates at trial and in settlement. Lawyers that can try cases, get better results for their clients.

Costello Law Firm is a boutique that operates on an efficient and innovative project management system and design. The firm’s attorneys use this same design on its work on behalf of clients. The firm has invested in strong organization and communication systems to allow for an efficient preparation of all cases. Successful professionals, business owners and corporate executive need and expect strong framework and architecture to succeed. The firm uses these very same principles to prepare its cases and deliver legal services in manner that is compatible with our clients’ professional lives.

Costello Law Firm practice’s initial focus was defending clients facing the crisis of a criminal accusation in State, City and Federal Courts. We soon realized that single accusations triggered multiple and parallel proceedings in criminal, civil, licensing, employment and litigation proceedings.
The firm’s practice expanded to represent professional clients who were facing accusations of professional misconduct by licensing bodies and businesses facing government enforcement investigations and actions and in parallel civil suits on claims of wrongdoing, business employment actions.

Costello Law Firm recently launched a general counsel practice with an emphasis on compliance to help our clients prevent crisis of investigations, litigation and formal charges. In our decades of experience in white collar and civil defense practices, we found that most, if not all legal crisis, were avoidable had proper structure and internal controls been implemented. The firm’s attorneys work with businesses to understand the legal obligations of their industry and develop compliance programs, internal controls and self audits to assure compliance with all business, employment and industry specific rules and regulations.

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